This is my buddy's Muley that he put down yesterday morning! We spotted these bucks before even getting to where we wanted to hunt for the morning, bad thing was we kind of spooked them. We drove around the other side of where they were and took off for a hike. We followed a ridge up lined by Quakies on both sides, and spotted a deer on the west side. We came around to get a look at him and a ton of deer busted out the East side. So we took off down the Quakies and saw them across the bowl 207 yards away broadside! He was with 2 other bucks and lots of does. I was the first one down and saw them, and for some reason I told him to get down here and get set up, when I could have shot him there!! Anyway my buddy got down there and got 3 shots off. We went to check for blood and found none. Turns out he had his scope dialed way in from where it was sighted at. We followed there tracks for about 75 yards and pushed a couple does in the Mahoganys. We walked 30 more yards and jumped the rest of them and I saw where the bucks went. We went up and came into a clearing and he was below us watching where some other hunters had just drove by and had no idea we were there. He stood facing straight away for about 20 minutes before he started feeding again. One shot from 90 yards and he hunched up took about 3 lunges and went down for good!!
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