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I agree CC, about the budget. I don't see China in the same way others do. I tried to have things manufactured in the U.S. to no avail. Even trying to use non union labor was not competitive. I have visited China once for 20 days. I kinda like their way of doing business, they spend about 2 trillion less per year on government regulations than the US. You have much more freedom in China than the US. For example, in China, if you have an auto accident, its your fault. That works for me.
I built my own tire molds and they are still in use, some of my products I built are sold around the world, but not in the US. The US is a hard place to do business. There is still opportunity here in the US.
This is the problem as I see it. This country has done everything it can to practically run businesses out of this country with regulations. I can see having things made in another country from a business standpoint and I dont blame companies for having their products made in other countries at all. But I think now its to the point where its too out of balance and tomany things are made in other countries and its really hurting this country.