I am trying to lay the groundwork for an antelope hunt in Wyoming for 2014 for me and my son. Outside of ducks and roosters in ND and SD, I have never hunted "out west". To be honest, this is a bit overwhelming. I understand that I need to get BLM maps and compare them to Wyoming antelope units to ensure that there is enough public ground in the unit that I intend to draw. Therein lies my problem. How does one determine if an antelope unit has decent population?

Given that I am the proverbial virgin when it comes to hunting the west, I am not looking to hold out for a monster, but I do want to apply for a permit in a unit with a good population that will allow us to have a good hunt and a chance at some decent bucks (and perhaps a few does too). Not looking for anyone to divulge their honey-holes, but rather for someone to point me in the right direction or area. Any other ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.