I was able to punch my tag on a busted up bull yesterday. After chasing some smaller bulls in the morning I watched two good bulls head into the timber for the day and decided to put a stalk on them. I began to climb up the draw next to them thinking I could just pop over the ridge and get a shot at one of them. Once I was about half way up I all of the sudden had a rattle snake right under my feet. I began to shoot at the snake with my bow, and hit him in the body which really pissed him off. Next thing I know I look up and see some cows walking down the draw. I took half a step away from the snake and knelled down only two feet away from the damn thing. I sat there while the snake rattled like crazy and watched the cows filter by at 40 yards. Then the bull came and followed the same trail and I was able to put one in the boiler room. After shooting the bull I got even with the snake, and took his rattles as a souvenir, 8 buttons total. It was an awesome hunt and one of the most nerve racking shots I have ever had to make, due to the snake. It is nice to finally have a bull on the ground, especially after missing 3 bulls earlier in the season.Click image for larger version. 

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