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I guess every NF has their own rules. Here in Co you can set up a hunting camp (or for that matter any camp) almost anywhere in the NF and are allowed to stay for 2 weeks. I guess that the rules are different there as there are really way more people and they (the NF) need more controls.

I will say this tho...if I were camped there and the site had no improvements (eg. tables, bbqs, fire rings or pit toilets), I would have told the him to write a ticket and I'd see him in court! But thats just me!

The real curious thing is that all the improved NF campgrounds here in Co have camp hosts. These are people (mostly retired) who stay at the camp all season. They are basically in charge and clean eveyrhing, collect fees, empty trash and do everything. The FS Rangers are usually nowhere to be found. They get free camping (and maybe a small amt of $$) and it costs the gov't almost nothing. As long as they are there, it doesn't make a lot of sense to close the campgrounds, especially during hunting season and lots of fees coming in. Studid is as stupid does!!!
The developed campsites SHOULD be the only ones affected, but that and a lot of other things seem to be subject the politically-motivated decisions of the agency head concerned.

Gotta love the attitude of so many in this country who really believe that the federal government is free to create or ignore laws on a whim and whatever the federal government decides to do trumps all legal, moral and ethical standards.

I'm heading out again today, so I'll see what happens.