This is posted on the U.S. Forest Service website:

Due to the lapse in agency funding, the sale of all types of permits (i.e., recreation, firewood, forest products, mineral materials for example) are suspended, reservations are suspended, and all federally owned recreation sites are closed. All offices are closed. These services will be available once funding is restored.

Law enforcement, fire suppression, and other essential services will continue without interruption.

This web site will remain available for public safety announcements and updates such as for wildfire, floods, and so forth. We will attempt to make timely updates about public health and safety on these web pages as appropriate. We sincerely regret this inconvenience.

Question: What effect does this have on Wilderness Area access. I discussed this with another member yesterday, and we reasoned that if USFS has no one to sell/issue you a permit, they have no one to enforce that requirement. After thinking about this, I can envision an over zealous game warden issuing a citation for hunting in a closed area. Any thoughts on this problem?