As a hunter and filmmaker, I just love being in the high country in September.

My primary goal is to film elk hunters like you and capture some great memories on film for all of us to re-live.

On this hunt, I drew an either sex tag and told myself I'd only bring my bow after Troy or Emily, the two hunters I was filming would tag out.

After 4 extreme days hunting in the 1,000 year rain/flood and getting close to bulls everyday, I decided to bring my bow as I had a feeling that we could get lucky.

This hunt was epic! And we made it happen through extreme conditions.

1.86 miles and 1,300 foot of vertical into some of the nastiest, steepest cover you can imagine.

We spotted the elk in a huge bowl 1.5 mikes away.

Made the stalk in.

Saw them moving again.

Troy and Emily called and the bulls were responding. Then a spike came in at 15 yards.

Had a staring contest.

He barked at us.

The other bulls bugled.

Troy screamed at them.

Then Troy's bull came in at 45 yards.

He quickly drew his bow and whack!!!!!

We waited an hour.

Followed blood 10 yards and then I saw another bull 150 yards below us.

I grabbed my bow as I thought this would be a long range shot only opportunity . Emily grabbed the camera.

Troy called.

I stalked to 120. Then 80. Then 60.

Then he made his way to an opening at 52 yards.

Double lung, complete pass through. Arrow stuck in tree.

He flipped over 15 yards from where he stood.

My first elk ever. Amazing. Thank you Troy and Emily.

Troys only went 60 yards too.

Both bulls lay 50 yards apart.

It took us all day to get them out.

We were destroyed. Bodies in pain.

But the joy trumps the pain.

Amazing hunt with great friends.

Can't wait for you guys to watch the footage in our next DVD.


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