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Last week provided mixed blessings for 2013. Though both hunts filled personal goals, its hard having primary tags filled and still having 3 1/2 months to go of hunting season. I found that the harvest is no comparison to the time in the field. So now I get to help friends and family and live through their hunts since I have already taken off work from Nov 8th - 26th

The buck was taken at 9850 elevation, spotted at 10,100 so that took care of my high country buck dream well it actually fueled my obsession. and the bull was taken over a wallow.

The trip also consisted of another bull and a bear by 2 of my other buddies. I've mentioned it before but I am sooo thankful to live where I live. I know Montana takes some heat over their managememt practices but I think there are some good things going too.

Now to Antelope...