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    Trespass or drop-camp archery hunt

    I am trying to put together an archery elk hunt for my 71-year old dad and myself. Would like to do it 2014, but could wait another year as long as my Dad's knees hold up. Here's what I'm looking for. Preferably trespass fee or drop camp during the rut. It would be nice if a few 300 bulls were around, but we really need an area with lots of opportunity. Would be willing to take a cow or smaller bull towards the end of the hunt, since we both love venison. That requires an any-elk tag that could be drawn with 1 point or OTC, or landowner voucher. Lastly, terrain can not be too steep or rugged. In my mind I'm thinking New Mexico, or Oregon. My Dad has never killed an elk with a bow, and time is getting short. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Live to hunt, hunt to live.

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    NM, no comparison to OR where I live.

    NM will run 4K or so if you don't draw. I have hired the same guides in NM for a few days most years and they are friends now. They continue to work together which is way way different than an outfitter that just hires guys to fill guide spots.
    Terrain is not bad and you'll both have shot opportunities but the bulls will be 250-300.
    I'll send his contact info if it fits your needs.

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    I think what your looking for would be pretty hard to find on public land unless you get very lucky in a draw. The land owner tag is a good option other then they can be pretty expensive.



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