wed morn i was 3/4 up this mt where i sat under a lone pine tree on a south facing slope escaping the frigid cold and snow and rain. once i could see i spotted the elk i knew were close by, i started calling, in turn starting off a symphany of music from the elk....... 20 min later i hear a pound directly behind me, i turn my head to see a 5x5 bull staring me directly into my eyes. wind was directly in my face, he woulda shoulda had to have smelled me!!! he didnt care. he stood his ground, only flenching slightly when he seen me move slowly fo rmy bow. we sat there for 3 min before he was satisfied i wasnt an elk and he walked off, didnt run, walked off not giving me a shot at all. why didnt he smell me? why didnt he care? was i his first human contact? i was baffled, i sat up how i did so nothing would come in from behind me.