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    Regardless of your point of view (meat/trophy), it is apparent that everyone on this thread lives to hunt. Whatever your reason, it is important that meat and trophy hunters hang together with the hound hunters, bear baiters, etc. because that is the only way this sport can survive against the relentless and well funded attacks of the antis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hardstalk View Post
    The Down side of hanging/aging meat for any period of time. There is some loss but with higher fat content game such as elk it increases tenderness and adds quite a bit of flavor once that fat starts to break down. Adds alot of work to the processing stage but makes it tasty, tasty!!
    Right on the money!! We hang elk for up to 10 days in november in the shop and when it has a "haze" on it(mold)..........its ready. It is a little harder to clean up because the meat comes apart easier, but that is just the way we do it. Trim the thin haze/rine off, and you have super tender meat coming your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado Cowboy View Post
    Bigger ain't necessarily better. Eating wise, I'd rather have a nice fat barren cow elk than a big rutting bull. Deer, probably less difference. Best eating deer I ever shot was a nice fat 4x4 from my apple orchard. He only had one testicle and the carcass weightd 203. Thats just the hanging meat. He probably didn't have much interest in chasing the does around.
    I don't know about that. We had a 1 testicle bull that was a stud. 1 of the best bulls we've ever had. I bet he sired 200 calves over a 6 year period. We always had him semen tested and he was just as fertile as the regular bulls.

    Sorry a little off topic. haha

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    I'm with Norcalhunter on this one. I like the challenge and anticipation of working for a trophy, but if it doesn't happen, I'm bringing meat home.
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    Any animal that makes it to my freezer is a trophy! The best eating elk I have had was my big bull in 2011, and he is hanging on my wall. The next year his little sister filled my freezer, and she is so tasty. For me they are all trophies. Some just look better on the wall.



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