This thread is a riot! Lots of differing perspectives here. If I had to qualify myself I'd probably agree with the whole Hybrid-Hunter statement. I have not bought meat in a store in over eight years. All I eat is game whether it be elk, deer, pheasants, or waterfowl. But the funny thing is I guide fly-fishermen in the summers and I'm all catch and release on almost all fish. Don't get me wrong, I love to eat fish and if you put me on a walleye lake you'll have to club me over the head to get me to quit putting "eyes" in the cooler. To me this just proves my point of being a hybrid-hunter. I don't HAVE to hunt for food that is why I have an education and a profession, I LIKE to hunt for my food. Game is better for us, great tasting, and sustainable... I like to do as Peter was instructed; "Arise, Kill, Eat..." I'm taking liberties here of course. With all that said I'd be lying if I told you that I'd let a 350 bull walk because there was a spike following him that would be better eating. My approach to big game hunting (that includes deer) is to fill the freezer with cows and does FIRST! Then I'm looking for a good bull or buck. This especially applies to whitetails as I've killed a pile of "dink" bucks and won't kill a whitetail buck if I'm not going to put him on the wall. However, my philosophy on whitetail does is kind of like Lay's potato chips you can't eat/kill just one! So, in short, I'm a meat hunting, carnivore who hunts because he loves to and won't ever turn down a trophy or the chance to hunt for one!