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    Just got thru reading all the posts and all I have to say is.....Holy Cow (not elk)!

    I got back late last night from my family wilderness deer hunt in California....yep Colorado to California. I was raised to treasure all my moments in the outdoors, hunting and fishing. My parents and grandparents were experienced in not having a lot to eat in the great depression. Everything I shoot and catch is used at my table. That being said, given the choice of taking a nice 4x4 mule deer or a forkie both standing there looking at me, there really wouldn't be much choice.....but the important thing (at least to me) is whatever the choice, it would be treated a a prime steer and eaten as such. Thats my heritage, how I was taught. I have never shot a bear, probably never will. I have eaten meat from a couple and was not impressed. Shooting one just for a rug or mount is not my style. BUT, I am not going to get upset with someone who does. Thats their right and as long as we all respect each other for our views, thats whats important. We all love the outdoors and natures bounty, we are all partners and as such have our own way of doing things.
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