A lot of people on here ask if I'm a trophy hunter, why don't I just shoot does. Well it's simple. In the black hills of wyo, it is illegal to harvest a doe/fawn on public land. Besides, I would much rather shoot a young buck besides an old doe that has had a few fawns in her days. An old doe can be just as tough to eat as a mature rutting buck. When the opportunity arrives, I can and do get a doe tag and harvest one for meat. But remember, some areas don't allow the harvest of does. Got to be one of the few areas out there that don't allow hunting does. I would be glad to go onto private land and shoot one but they are 95% outfitted and can't get onto the land. I would say that 90% of the people born and raised in NE Wyo are completely happy with meat hunting and the rules and regs we hunt by. Lots of meat hunters around here. The most popular hunting phrase around here is "don't pass up on the first day what you wouldn't on the last day". Lots of people live by those words around here.