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On a side note: some folks seriously underestimate.

A. How much the smallest technology helps ranchers. Ex. Quads, good glass, comfortable boots and quality wool.

B. the kindness of a heifer. There flat ass mean when they have some calves. Ive seen more horses get their a$$ kicked by heifers with calves than I can count. Ive been on the short end a few times also. Bulls will charge and stop. A pissed heifer will run and run and run you down until they get what they want.
You are right on with both statements. The glass can save a lot of stress and possible injury for me and my horse or the Polaris Ranger if I'm checking with that. The tamest cow in the world can be a different animal right before, during, and right after calving until her hormones calm down. Mother nature designed it that way to deter predators and it works. Sometimes too the heifer or cow will take off when she sees the threat if she has time and get the calf to follow. If she runs to far and the newborn calf hasn't yet sucked it can be to weak and exhausted to suck by the time she stops. Often to when she stops she is stirred up looking back for the threat and won't stand still for the calf. It is just way better to check from a distance when possible and let nature take it's course, not getting involved unless there is a problem. There are always plenty of problems that spring up during calving, especially in bad weather without going looking for them. Sounds like you have experienced that too.

As far as the technology, I'm the only local rancher wearing Sitka bibs on the ATV I think but I stay warm!