So I went up last saturday to my elk area, several things happened and i was wondering what you guys may think. I might as well ask since im at work and all i can think about is this coming weekend. First morning (Sunday) hike in, because i had a horse colic and had to come out late saturday night, bulls bugling everywhere. Sneaking through the trees we saw a 6x6 by himself feeding in a small park, we set up and cow called. He looked the first few times but showed no interest. we heard a couple bulls way far ahead bugling but were constantly getting further away, so back to camp we went. Long story short, we ran into two other small groups of elk that night, one 5x5 with three cows and another 6x6 with 5 cows, they were bugling like mad to eachother but wouldnt leave their cows. I thought itd be to early for them to be cow'd up and especially smaller bulls like them. then to have a decent 6x6 not show interest??? am I a little to early for heavy rut or a little too late? maybe just the area Im in? Thanks for all ideas!