Has anyone experienced this? I hiked into a great spot that was loaded with cow's the day before. I had cow's all around me. I even had a calf spinning in circles kicking his heels while his mother walked up and bedded 10 yards from me. Amongst all the commotion I heard several locater bugles. I was starting to think it was a person, but the seconds bugle was closer so I answered back. I waited and no response, within 15 minutes above me a bull lets out a lip ball, with chuckles and this sounded like a very mature bull. I bugled back and chuckled 8-10 times. (Keep in mind this is my first Elk) So with his cow's all around me, and the thermal's in my face, I look up and all I see is RACK coming down the mountain. He is coming right at me. When he is 80 yards away I let out two cow calls which I could hardly get out. I was behind a giant cedar tree, 5ft in diameter. So he walks in facing me at 25-30 yards, and just stands there looking at my decoy. After a 2min. standoff he turns completely broadside and I decide to draw behind the tree. (He can't see a thing) I anchor the bow, step to the side of the tree and both my 20 and 30 yard pins are totally in the kill zone, I release the arrow and drill him, but maybe only a couple inches high of perfect, big whack and he turns and run's. As he runs I notice the arrow only penetrated 15-18"????? I was expecting a complete pass thru. Without extending the story anymore, I found the arrow up 70 yards with the broadhead snapped off about 3" up. When I shot he ran about 60 yards in a semicircle the way he came and went to a walk. I bugled at him and cow called, and he just walked off. I was expecting him to be dead within 150 yards. I waited 1 hour, which was a killer, then "still hunted" up the trail. When I had gone 250 yards up the mountain, with descent blood, and it had been an hour and 45 minutes at that point, I backed out quietly. I waited for a nonhunting friend to show up and we went back, now it had been 4 -5 hours. We followed the blood which eventually went to small drops for 1/3 of a mile until almost dark, when a downpour started. Needless to say I am sick to my stomach.Any idea's from any veteran Elk slayer's???? (BTW This was a big bull, in fact when I saw it I couldn't believe it could be my first possible kill)