Hey everyone.
I am looking to go on my first elk hunt and actually it would be my first western hunt. I am a whitetail hunter from Wisconsin. I am shooting for 2015 and would likely be taking a rifle although I have not ruled out my bow yet. The main reason for the gun is to up the odds a little but hunting the rut and hearing the bugling would be awesome. But I prefer bow hunting. Do to my inexperience with that kind of terrain and western style hunting I am considering an outfitter. Scouting would be tough because of the distance.
I was considering Wyoming but am concerned about the wolf and grizzly predation on the herd. I have read that in spots the wolves have had a tremendous impact on the herd. Colorado is another state I am looking at.
Any advice on another state or a good outfitter in the states I mentioned would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't have to be a pack-in wilderness trip.