i spent the week hunting in dimond creek zone here in idaho, packed in as far as one could and no elk, we got to glassing and all the bulls we found were between 6000 and 7000 feet, so we dropped into a drainage where we spotted several nice bulls. now i understand that when you start hunting in lower easier to acsess places that you will deal with more people. i set up a small 2 man tent at base of trail that lead to the basin that held these elk, we came up next morn on wheelers to start the 3 mile hike in to find a california plate truckparked so colse to the tent that we couldnt even get in the tent. i didnt mind so much that someone would be in there, i planed on it but nkew they wouldnt be hunting as hard and as far in as i was, but parking the truck like that was just ignorant and they had a nece note waiting for them. some advice to the out of state hunters.... be thankfull for the opertunity idaho provides for easy over the counter tags, i hope soonthey will make the non res tags control tags only, that way the hunters will be greatfull and hopefully more respectfull to the residents and the opertunity that they have to hunt this blessed beautifull country.