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    Lightning Safety

    I found this paper about lightning safety, it focuses on backcountry and other outdoor areas (water, etc) when you can't get to a safe area.

    I was out on the back side of a mountain on Labor Day weekend when a thunderstorm rolled in. It was pretty cool listening to the thunder roll across the mountains, the lightning was a little higher up in the clouds and I wasn't seeing any ground strikes, so I was observant, but didn't worry about it too much.

    Then clouds moved in over me, which put them about 1,000 feet overhead, and then I saw lightning, right over my head. I saw a dull flash, so it was still up in the clouds, but the thunder clap was so loud that I almost dropped a load.

    I knew the basic stuff - don't stand in the middle of an open field - but that inspired me to do a quick mental review of what I knew about how not to get struck by lightning when you're standing on the back side of a mountain in the middle of a bunch of trees...I pretty much drew a blank.

    So, I figured I might want to do some research...
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