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    Good Moisture Opening Weekend

    Where I live in north east Montana, it was not uncommon for reprorts of over 2" of rain this weekend! I was down in Sweetgrass county at the ranch I hunt, and Saturday evening, we received over half an inch of rain, not to mention some small hail and tremendous lighting storm. Was forced down off the foothills due to cloud to ground lightning. Things are all ready pretty green, but hopefully with a little cooler weather and this moisture things will start to green up again. Mostly did some scouting and set up a couple of tree stands along the creek bottom for deer and bear, wasn't able to due a lot of elk scouting due to the weather conditions, but things sure look alot better then last year. Did see a couple of nice black bears and some really nice whitetail bucks though, hoping the weather changes soon, highs in the 80's and lows in the 60's are a little warm to get the bulls rutting !

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    After the last two summers of drought we fought, I'll never complain again about rain. We have recieved above normal rainfall this summer & I thank God for every drop! Good luck hunting.
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