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Thread: Scouting

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    The price is dropping! I'd have to trade you guys for an Okie hunt (whitetail, turkey & hogs!) I do love Wyoming though it is my favorite. Be out there in about 3 weeks.
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    I've never used it or know anyone who has but I remembered hearing about it somewhere. I think maybe they were trying to sell guided hunts at an outdoor/big game tradeshow in Birmingham, AL and I picked up one of their brochures. Musketman jogged my memory when he said we scout for you.

    It's limited to Idaho, Montana, Western Wyoming and Northeast Nevada. Sorry I have no experience but if you are interested I would ask for reference lists of past clients who have used the scouting services only.

    Good luck either way. I thought the idea was a little wacky at first but hey it's a long way to anywhere that has mule deer, elk, antelope or sheep from here and who knows if I hit the hunting lottery jackpot (sheep tag) I might consider using it one day too.

    Here's the link.

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    According to their website their scouting is aerial scouting.....flying around in an airplane. No boots on the ground. I wouldn't give up $795 for this. You can get a hell-of-a-lotta info from the state game and fish. Do your the local warden in the area and he'll give you the rundown on if it's worth your time hunting that area. Or as others have mentioned, $500 a day plus expenses will get a local to do it for you, on the ground with photos.



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