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    Guys, this is not nearly as off-the-wall as it sounds.

    Put yourself in the place of an eastern hunter or anyone who just lives too far away to scout an area before the season (say he lives on the east coast) and has two vacation weeks a year, of which his wife selfishly wants a week with him. How can he hunt out west without shelling out several thousands for a guided and outfitted hunt?

    Also, consider that if he is putting in for areas that take 3-4 preference points to draw he wants to have a chance of success in an area he has never been to before. How is he going to know the area? It's not like he can go every year.

    Sure, you can use Eastman's MRS to pick the unit and then look it over with Google Earth but that only goes so far and gives you no information on game trails, small waterholes and wallows, bedding areas, etc. You can make educated guesses, but...

    Isn't a semi-guided hunt sort of what he is asking about? Private ranches do that, but for sometimes a stiff cost.

    I don't think you guys who have the tremendous luxury of living near your hunting area and drawing it fairly often over the years as residents realize how difficult it is to get started out west as a DIY hunter or semi-DIY hunter that lives a plane flight away. It is 1,500 miles from my house to Denver, for instance.

    This is a real issue for many thousands of people stuck in the wrong time zone. There really is a very large need for something like this.

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