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    Anyone have the Horn Hunter Full Curl?

    Does anyone have this pack and how do you like it? I have the combo pack and am thinking of buying the spike camp bag for it but before I do so I want to get peoples thoughts on the pack. Seems most of the popular ones are the Badlands and Eberlestock but I haven't found anything negative on this pack. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have a horn hunter mainbeam and I really like it. I have never used the Full Curl pack, but the only complaint I have on my pack is that it isn't adjustable for torso length like eberlestock. Other than that, I don't have any complaints. I use mine as a day pack, but have packed out parts of deer with it (roughly 30 pounds) and it carried well. I always have my rifle or bow on the gear grippers and haven't had a problem with those either. I have used the pack about 4 years now and it hasn't shown any signs of wearing out. Wish I could help you out more on the Full Curl, but I'm sure it is a good pack as well.
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    I just bought the full curl system from Cabelas along with the attachable meat sack. I think this pack is awesome and very well constructed (made in the USA). I like how all the different bags attach to the full curl frame. I will let you know how the daypack performs as a buddy drew an archery elk tag for Arizona, and I will be helping him out. Not sure when I will get to use the spike camp bag, but It has plenty of room for gear when I am ready. I had been looking at this pack for 2 years, and finally pulled the trigger last week. I think I made a good solid purchase. I also have the Horn Hunter bino harness I purchased couple years ago, and it has been great. My dad has a Horn Hunter MAQ pack, and he loves it. Good luck in your decision!!



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