I'm new to the forum and thought I would try and get your help on selecting a new scope for my Ruger .270. I'm primarily a bowhunter and really do not have a lot of experience hunting with rifles (i.e., I don't know crap about them!). Anyway, I was thinking about getting a new scope for the gun for my upcoming antelope hunt. I plan on practicing quite a bit this summer, but I still think that I would limit my shots to less than 300 yards with a 130 grain bullet (does that sounds reasonable?). I was looking at the Vortex line of scopes...specifically the Diamondback models. I was hoping to spend around $250, but I'm not exactly sure how much of a sacrifice in quality I am limited myself to in that price range. My next question would be what magnification and objective size to get. I was thinking of the 4-12x40 with the BDC reticle. I don't know anything about the AO options, but I haven't completely ruled that out. Well, that's a start I guess. Any help would be appreciated.