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    I would second the leica. I have a leupold and find it works in brown conditions well, but snow really affects the range reading. The leica I have tried did not seem to care...but thats where you get what you pay for comes into play.

    I here ya cowboy on the guestimating. I only got a rangefinder because it seemed in the woods I could not guess as well as at an open range. So the first time I used it, I still missed!!! Hahaha. Killed a big rock though...stopped it dead in its tracks while the deer ran off.
    i do like to practice guessing with it every season. I guess then range. It helps me get rock solid as animals never seem to come in or stop next to the bushes or rocks you take time to mark out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdub24 View Post
    I didn't find your comment argumentative, just wondered if you two archery hunted. A lot of knowledge between you two, so I pick and prod when opportunity arrives, that's all.
    No, I don't bow hunt. I thought about it a year ago, because most of my muzzy shots are in bow range, but my old beat up shoulders wouldn't let me pull a bow. It's funny that I never got into bow hunting. I have pictures of me at age 7 shooting a bow. I'd be pretty good at it now 63 years later, but the first gun I shot I was hooked.

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    My Leica 1200 will read every time under 1000 yards no matter what the conditions! I got it to read 1284 yards on a tree and 1321 on a snow bank! I started with a bushnell 800, it wasnt really reliable over 250 yards. Then I got a leupold 800 when the TBR came out and it really wasnt much ahead of the bushnell and was very complicated to work. I took it back intending to trade it for a longer distance leupold. The guy at Cabelas told me "dont get another leupold, the new ones are really working very good and alot of ppl are not happy with them, if you dont believe me go look at all of them in the bargain cave. If you want 1 that works get a Leica." So I came home with the Leica I have now and alot less money then I started out with but it was definitely worth the extra money!
    I hunted alot with out a range finder too. Its just nice knowing the yardage before I make a shot, especially past 200 yards. Also I find yardages to be kinda deceiving and harder to guess accurately in areas Im not real familiar with.

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    I have a Swaro Monocular/Rangefinder combo that I love. It will do 1500 yards and the 8x mono is crystal clear......and I only have to carry one piece of gear!
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