I'm a long time viewer here but just registered to ask a question. I know how it is when someone posts questions about a particular unit but have done no work themselves. I am not that guy. I have been putting in for Colorado preference points since my 14 year old daughter was born. I have hunted some OTC units but decided to put in for 76 this year after two years of debating and studying. I ordered my maps last winter, researched on the internet and popular forums, have talked several times to the Game Manager for 76, and have been working out and shooting my bow like a madman for the past 4 months. Daily practice out to 70yards. I really feel like I am ready to go. I plan to hunt September 18th to the end of the season. The plan right now is to set up a main camp and then hike in for 3-4 days out of a spike camp before returning to gear up or change locations, depending on what we have seen. I will be hunting and my buddy is coming along to guide / call for me. (next year I will return the favor if he draws)

I have narrowed down my hunting areas, I think, and know where I plan to start and other areas to check out. But, as always, I want to make sure that I have done everything to make this 14 year journey a success. If anyone has hunted Colorado GMU 76 or has knowledge of it that you would be willing to share, I would really like to see if I am looking to the right areas. If you are hesitant to post in a public forum but would be willing to help out a fellow hunter, feel free to private message me or email me at, I would really appreciate it.

If anyone has an Iowa deer hunt planned in your future, I would be happy to return the favor where I can.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.