I currently have a non-HD Leupy 12x40x60 GR I purchased a dozen or so years ago that is still in pristine shape and use a pair of Swarovski 10x42 SLC's as my daily drivers. I've been looking at the 85 mm Razor spotter lately. I watched Bitterroot Bulls videos on YouTube and have to say I'm pretty impressed, I also noticed it seems to be the one he packs most often. My question is the roughly 1lb. difference in weight between the 65mm Razor and 85mm Razor outweighed by significantly better brightness and low light resolution of the 85mm ? I considered the 65mm but thought in reality I wasn't gaining anything significant over my 60 mm Leupy except more weight and duplicating a power range pretty well covered by the Leupy. Unfortunately you can't test drive them out of the store so I' m looking for more feedback from those that are running them before buying.
I'll pack for 3-4 day hunts out here in Oregon but mostly 2-3 day trips so the weight of the 85 is a consideration but not a deal breaker, I have the Leupy for long trips. I want a spotter that rocks at long distance over clearcuts and variable timbered mountainsides in the coast range and the cascades in lousy weather.....
I've heard rave reviews about the quality and the VIP warranty also. What say you all.

Thanks for your input