I been hunting for over 20 years now and have traveled all over Europe and most of the eastern US but haven't hunted the grate west. October of this year we will be heading to Saskatchewan CAN. for Elk, Mule deer and maybe a chance at a Moose . From what I been told and from my research area that we will be hunting consists of rolling hills and agriculture/farm land of CAN. I'm still somewhat young and I do work for myself so finding time to fish and hunt isn't that big of a deal. What I'm looking for is to experience western big game hunting DIY style. I've used outfitters and consulting companies in past and for most part been happy, I worked with great guy who got me some last minute hunting deals where I hunted solo and didn't mind it .. However the great west is still a dream that I'm looking to make reality. so if there is anyone out there that's willing to take a chance and show me the ropes I would greatly appreciated.. I'm located in southeast part of the country so a weekend trips would be tough.. thanks