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    I want to point the finger at Hardstalk...

    For a good reason.

    Hardstalk (Andrew) and another individual, who asked to remain anonymous, did something that I never expected and I don't think that I could ever properly convey my gratitude to them for what they did.

    They both wish to keep exactly what they did between us and I will absolutely honor that request, but I believe that Andrew at least deserves some recognition and if the other individual ever requests it, I will do the same for them.

    Andrew did not know me personally, he had never even met me before, yet he went out of his way to do something on my behalf and asked absolutely nothing in return.

    It was something that I did not ask or expect anyone to do, so I appreciate it more than I could ever describe.

    What he did speaks volumes about his character and principles and generally the kind of man that he is and I want to thank him again.

    Thank you Andrew.
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