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    Just got back from my first hunting trip of 2013. Went up to the CO State Forest (unit 6) on Sunday hoping to bag some grouse. I hit all of the spots where I saw and shot grouse last year, but this year they were not to be found. This morning was the opening day of my Sept bear tag, so I went to a spot where I have seen bear in the past, but again they were not to be found. I did however see about 10 deer, 8 elk, and a small bull moose. I plan to go back up during mzldr season to see if I can find any successful hunters to get the whereabouts of a gutpile. Otherwise I will be back during 1st rifle season to hopefully fill my cow tag, and then again for 2nd season for a bull tag. P.S. - heard a couple of bulls bugling this morning, along with seeing a few aspen trees already turning yellow... tis the season.. :-)

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    Well I started the season off right. I bought an archery cow tag for a warm up and filled it two hours into the hunt. I can't believe I filled a tag that fast. The weather was hot as hell today and getting the meat on ice was a big concern but now it is at the processor and I am done for the next week. A thought for new guys to the archery game here in Colorado is just because you can backpack miles into the back country and fill your tag during archery season doesn't mean you can get the elk to your truck and in the cooler on time. Good luck and happy hunting.
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