Just got back from my first hunting trip of 2013. Went up to the CO State Forest (unit 6) on Sunday hoping to bag some grouse. I hit all of the spots where I saw and shot grouse last year, but this year they were not to be found. This morning was the opening day of my Sept bear tag, so I went to a spot where I have seen bear in the past, but again they were not to be found. I did however see about 10 deer, 8 elk, and a small bull moose. I plan to go back up during mzldr season to see if I can find any successful hunters to get the whereabouts of a gutpile. Otherwise I will be back during 1st rifle season to hopefully fill my cow tag, and then again for 2nd season for a bull tag. P.S. - heard a couple of bulls bugling this morning, along with seeing a few aspen trees already turning yellow... tis the season.. :-)