I am in the process of planning my 3rd mule deer hunt for 2014. I hunted eastern WY about 6 years ago. Had a contact to hunt some private land but on the first day, so did about 50 other people. Needless to say, my buddy and I noticed a BLM sign on the drive in and ended up hunting that area on the first afternoon. We walked far in and both harvested a 4x4 and 4x3. That's where my drive for hunting DIY public land started. What we did notice in that area (Glendo) is that they shot everything, lots of available tags and hunters because of CWD. That is why we started to think about Montana.

SO..last season, as a rookie, I did some research, looked on their website, decided to try out the Block Management Program, called the Fish and Game Biologist and finally just pointed on the map and decided we were going to drive there. It was quite a learning experience. We talked with the Fish and Game guy daily on our trip. We ended up hunting a large tract of BLM most of the time. there were three of us and we all ended up all getting 4x4's. Fish and Game wanted pictures because we had a 100% success rate and I guess it was only like 3.8% overall last year. The one thing I did realize while out there was there is a ton of private land and the locals were not to fond of letting anyone hunt on their property.

I just got done reading one of Eastman's books on hunting public land mule deer and realize how many things we could have done to improve our hunting. We did walk a lot and didn't find a high vantage point to glass. We got lucky I guess in locating a few and being able to put a stalk on. I just wonder how many we just walked on by laying in the sage.

Since then I have read about how good WY can be. So, I am trying to decide if I should go back or continue with eastern MT(Broadus area). What concerned me the most about MT was the low success rate in our area for the price a NR pays for a deer tag. However, I now have a knowledge of the land and did spot some nice bucks that I was not able to get to. People are correct on here, get more then a couple miles off a road and you will have the land to yourself. We did!

I am new to this forum and am not looking for any location to hunt or just some quick info. I have read through here a lot and plan to share any insight of what I can. So I was wondering if anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the two states. Pro's and Con's. Thanks,