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    Wyoming mule deer hunt

    Looking to go on my first mule deer hunt in wyoming next year. I bought a preference point this year and subscribed to EBJ I am completely brain logged from trying to choose an outfitter/area. The deal is I have been lucky and have several whitetails on the wall that measure between 145-198". I am finally in a position where I can make a hunt out west next year and want a good guide for the first time.

    It will be for rifle season and I would prefer a pack hunt. I am in my mid 30's and in shape, not looking to hunt from a 4x4.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of reputable guides?

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    Seven J Outfitters now has a camp in the Big Horns to hunt the wilderness areas (mainly for elk though), you could hunt with them and draw that tag on a second choice. They have great leases in Eastern WY for a region C tag, but they are not pack hunts.

    You might want to look into a region G tag and find an outfitter out there, that would be closer to a true high country/back country type hunt.

    198" is a heck of a whitetail...congrats on that pig!

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    Trefren Outfitters is a good choice. Call Tim Trefren Jr or Sr and they can get you a great hunt. I know they use horses and they may do a back pack style hunt if you wanted. Are you looking to do a 1 on 1 hunt?



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