OP I have the same problem with the Thor's. I could get the first one in with a little pressure. Then the next I would have to pound on the ram rod in order to get it down the barrel. I am also concerned about a follow up shot with them. I would have to buy a new breech plug to use BH209 in my CVA Accura V2. I have been talking to a bunch of people and I am starting to think I may just go with the PB. They load great even after 20 shots and are really accurate in my ML. A few of my buddies I have talked to said they have been using PB since they came out and have never had a problem with them. Do you really need expansion on a bullet that is already a .50 cal? I know it prob helps, but most rifle bullets don't even open that much.

I will make another trip out with the Thor's and see if I can figure something out. Would like to use them, but not if it means that I can't get a follow up shot if need be.