For the past three years I've been using Osprey packs for my backcountry hunts(deer). The first year I ran an Argon 85, and then last year downsized to a Atmos 50 for my 3-5 day setup. With this years antelope hunt I've opted to use the Atmos 50 as my "day pack" which will give me the volume to pack out the meat in one trip. I've also purchased a nice 40L dry sack pack liner that will work as a game bag to keep the pack clean. We'll be setting up a base camp and hiking out several miles from there every morning. In the past I had always just had the rifle sling thrown over the pack's shoulder straps. Anyone that's done this knows what a pain it is to keep the rifle in it's place, and requires at least one hand on the rifle at all times. I definitely got the motivation from all the positive reviews of the Kifaru Gunslinger. The difference being that mine is easily adjustable not only in ride height, but also in the area that the but stock rests, which allows a nice "tight" hold on any of my long-guns. I even managed to re-use some of the excess webbing from the waist strap so that it matches my Osprey...

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It looks like I might have to make multiple posts to attach all the photos.