I've been in Nebraska for three years and for the three years I have been researching and scouting antelope. I have a spot I have picked out only because a group of guys and I are going there to go fishing for 5 days. I've mule deer hunted there late muzzleloader season and saw a few goats. So I am debating on getting an archery tag to see if I can sneak out for a few days to hunt.

I've talked to the game and parks who I feel sent me on a wild goose chase. My wife and I walked around 8 miles in the area he told us to scout and didn't see any goats and few tracks. I made it to the area I wanted to scout the next day and only had a couple hours to scout since we were going to go back home (5 hour drive). We went early Saturday and went home Sunday. Not a lot of time to scout but I did a lot of aerial photo scouting and found some places that interested me and also places I had already saw goats. About 15 minutes into our 3 mile drive back into a spot I located two goats a buck and doe. Already look to be starting the rut or pre rut. Didn't spend any time walking due to the fact we were going to going back soon and we were pretty sore from our first hike. In this area there are two valleys I am interested in and more natural water holes verses the cattle tanks. I have seen all the antelope on this park around natural verses the tanks. I would like to go back up and scout one more time however I don't think the wife will allow it due to tight gas money.

Being this is my first attempt at an antelope I am not going to be picky at what I take just as long as it is a buck. Just not sure I want to spend the money on a tag and hunt when I could be hanging out with the guys fishing. I really want to hunt just kinda a little disappointed in the information the game and parks gave me and only seeing two goats. Yet it was only about 15 to 30 minutes of scouting and I did see two goats in that time. This area probably won't have as much of a chance like farther west would. Just trying to figure out my options.

This is more me thinking outloud than asking any questions. Yet any incouragement is welcomed.

Nebraska Outlander