So I'm back from opening weekend (and part of week) in the Ruby Mt area. Hunting with my late 60's aged father, we went to an area suggested by NDOW employees for access. Wasn't to be. We looked around on Fri before season and decided based on access to hunt around Harrison Pass with the other 8000 hunters down there. Surprisingly, we saw a few bucks (although not to our Nevada mule deer standards) but didn't see anything special. What ticked us off immediately was the fact that USFS or whoever had let sheep herders run their animals through the entire area only 2 weeks before season opened. Ridiculous!
Anyway, I had read everything I could get my hands on regarding hunting this area. All the information I could find unanimously suggested "going high and finding water". OK. Water seems to not be in shortage in the Ruby Mts, so high is what was left. I had planned to hike up high, but my father said he couldn't make it, so off I went to see what I could see. This I did (apparently not high enough) up near Green Mt. I hiked up the Crest trail to approx. 9000K feet, where I set up my spotting scope and spent the better part of a day scoping and binocularing. I picked everything I could see apart. I didn't see any deer. Sidenote, I did glass up ONE decent buck on a different ridge the night before. I do know where to look and how to find deer in a spotting scope! I looked in every shady area, opening, pocket and quaky patch I could see and nothing. Anyone care to critique? I could definitely use a little insight, as I plan to go back later in the season. This is my first year bowhunting, so I know I have some growing pains. We'd have our tags filled if it was rifle! I feel obligated to stay with my dad and spend the time with him, which is worth it. But I do want to fill my tag and his!