Hey everyone. I will be buying my 4th wyo PP this year. I am planning a bow hunt for elk somewhere down the road. I have talked to several people on this site, as well as gathering my own info over the years. I have 4 general areas in mind, but something draws me to the Greys........well that something is my late grandfather and all his stories of hunting the greys before he passed......he hunted a lot in 89 and some in 90 too. I could have swore that he said it was one unit back in the day, but I could be wrong on that. anyways, I will be doing a DIY hunt. I don't have horses, but I am a pretty strapping 32 yr old young buck!!! LOL......so putting on the miles is no issue. I wont be doing it solo....I hope my buddy draws too, and if he doesn't, he will tag along or buy a bear tag, deer tag, cow tag, or ect. My grandfather talked a lot of hunting what he called the "middle ridge" and Deadmans Mountain area. He also spoke of murphy lake, and sheep creek when he hunted 90. Something inside tells me I need to hunt this area in which he spent so many years of his life hunting, and he has some ashes he wished to be sprinkled up in the Greys someday when anyone from the fam gets out there. That being said.....I have a lot of PP's, and don't want to burn them foolishly when the time comes in a couple years to apply. I would happily just travel out there and fufill grandpas wish on his ashes without hunting in the process.

so..........My general areas are the greys (89 or 90)....... the northern Bighorns (burgess junction area....shot a cow there back in high school), the infamous unit 7 (but I have heard DIY is hard in that unit with access issues)..........and then one other unit in the eastern half of the state that I wont mention b/c it was a tip from a fellow eastmans regular, and I don't want to ruin his spots that he has kindly shown me if I draw the area.

Now, being a NR, it is hard to get these tags, and this will be my first bow elk hunt. Yep, some of you will be calling me crazy right now, but I am pretty confident in myself and my abilities and will accept tag soup if need be, but I want to do this myself.

anyways, I am not looking for 300" plus bulls, although that would be nice. I want a quality elk hunt, fully aware that punching my tag will be tough to do, and I am ok with that. I want to hopefully hear and see lots of elk, and try my best to get an arrow into any decent bull, and hopefully have some close encounters.

This wont be happening for a couple of years, but I am a planner and its never too early to start planning.

So......any advice will be appreciated.