Here's a photo of Tom's desert ram he took on the 9th of May. A few animals he had to hunt more than once to get one. An amazing accomplishment and he got it all on film. I know most can only dream of ever making this happen but it still quite a feat IMO.

Hi Guys... WoW.. Thanks for all the kind words and awesome support. My Super Slam has been a 13 year quest culminating with this desert sheep shot on Carmen Island Mexico May 9. It was my 4th trip to Mexico to hunt desert sheep and 36th day of hunting these beasts....

I believe I am the first bowhunter to document all 29 animals on broadcast video with all arrow impacts and recoveries. Not all my animals have been officially scored..... but I believe 26 of the 29 score high enough to make the P&Y record book.... A couple of these animals were taken with lighted nocks for better video representation of the arrow flight and these animals are not eligible for P&Y at this time.

The Grand Slam Club has listed my Wild Sheep Grand Slam as archery Grand Slam #51. The new Super Slam Organization hasn't officially given numbers out to the Super Slam hunters as of yet.... as some slammers have failed to officially register their Super Slam's. Since the Organization just formed in 2009, and will likely assign the official Super Slam order of hunters and achievements in the near future. I would urge everyone who has taken or is attempting the Super Slam to join the Super Slam Organization and register your animals.. more info is available at

Thanks again for all your positive comments. I am very fortunate to represent bowhunting on television.... and I hope that some of my TV episodes & this upcoming "Super Slam of North American Big Game" DVD will bring to light the tremendous achievement of ALL the Super Slam hunters- past, present and future. Tom Miranda

Here is the list of my hunts with year, species and number of (trips) to get the kill shot on video. 1998 1.BLACK BEAR (1) 2.MOUNTAIN GOAT (1) 1999 3.BROWN BEAR (3) 2001 4.PRONGHORN (1) 2003 5.QUEBEC LABRADOR CARIBOU (1) 2004 6.ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK (1) 7.MIDWEST WHITETAIL (1) 2005 8.MUSKOXEN (1) 9.CANADIAN MOOSE (3) 2006 10.MOUNTAIN LION (1) 11.ALASKAN MOOSE (2) 12.SHIRAS MOOSE (1) 13.ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN (1) 2007 14.POLAR BEAR (1) 15.STONE SHEEP (1) 2008 16.DALL SHEEP (1) 17.MOUNTAIN CARIBOU (1) 18.MULE DEER (3) 19.COLUMBIA BLACKTAIL DEER (1) 2009 20.GRIZZLY BEAR (1) 21.WOODLAND CARIBOU (2) 22.SITKA BLACKTAIL DEER (2) 2010 23.DESERT COUES DEER (3) 24.BARREN GROUND CARIBOU (3) 25.CENTRAL BARREN GROUND CARIBOU (2) 26.TULE ELK (1) 27.PRAIRIE BISON (2) 28.ROOSEVELT ELK (3) 2011 29.DESERT BIGHORN SHEEP (4)