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    Unfortunately you don't have enough points for moose. It will take a couple years, or more, to go through the guys that had 13 points in the draw this year. I had 11 before the draw this year, now 12, with point creep I wouldn't expect to draw for another 5-10 years. The problem with the stats is you have no idea how many guys like me are just buying points and then when they have enough they put in. This year there were 3 guys with 15 points that put in for 26. Those guys could have drawn that tag anytime in the last 5 years.

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    My personal strategy would be to prioritize my tags. Moose first, then Elk, then Deer, then antelope.

    The draw structure will allow you to have a backup application if you don't draw. Get the Elk tag and apply for the moose. If you don't draw Elk put in for deer.

    Following years the Deer or Antelope tags can be your Fall back tags in alternating years.

    I'd love to hunt a unit where I could get to know the country year after year and draw a OIL tag after 5 years of experience in the unit.

    But if you get all those tags in one year, best of luck!

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    Having a good quality shiras moose tag is probably once in a lifetime experience. Trophy quality moose are not behind every tree and may take a lot of effort to find (people always get lucky and shoot nice ones without a alot of effort but I wouldn't count on it). They are always moving around. It took 3 trips to Wyoming...1 archery, 2 rifle to get my bull. I had weather and other isues that cost a lot of days. Do the elk, deer, antelope thing maybe, but do the moose thing seperate after those first 3. The more time in a unit the will come in handy during your moose hunt. +1 for it may be awhile till you draw your moose. This year was a good year for big bull moose in Wyoming...that will draw attention. I've follwed 26 for the last 13 years and its on the upslope again on quality...word will get out and more points will be needed to draw it...good luck!



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