What's up Guys and Gals. I'm trying to position myself in a few years to do something that will be extremely challenging, fun and just overall exciting. I want to plan a hunt in Southwest Wyoming for Moose (Area 26), Elk (Gen Tag 102-104), Deer (Reg G 135) and Antelope (93) all hunting from the same camp. Based on the points I have I should be able to draw the Moose Tag in 2015 and the Gen Elk I should be able to draw with 0 points on the special Tag. The Deer I should be able to draw with 2-3 points on the Special if need be and the Antelope with 3 on the special tag. (All this info is based on 2013 draw statistics) It will cost a lot of money that year but I think it would be an outstanding opportunity, maybe even once in a lifetime. I would definitely need the use of horses to help pack meat. I have some buddies that have somewhat committed to coming to hunt and help but I'm thinking if they backed out or couldn't come for some reason it would be too much for a single DIYer to accomplish. Anyone want to come share a camp?

I would plan on being there from the end of September until the End of October.

What do you guys think? Is it too much of a challenge? Would I be better off using an outfitter? What would you do to accomplish this?

Thanks in Advance for any help and advice.