Can anyone help me out a little with the difference one would see when comparing the Diamondback 20-60 x 60mm and the Viper 15-45 x 65mm. I'm guessing the viper obviously has better glass since it costs more but just wondering about specific advantages and disadvantages. The diamondback is less cost and a pound lighter and a higher zoom, but would I start losing a lot at the higher magnifications comparatively that having the extra zoom wouldn't be as helpful as having a lower zoom with better clarity?

I ask because at right now you can get the Non HD Viper for cheaper than the Diamondback. I also like the fine and course adjustment features of the viper. I imagine most will say just save and get the razor or HD glass but I'm kinda just wondering about this head-to-head comparison. I haven't compared the two in person, but I figured I'd feel it out here first. Thanks.