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    I was a newbie who had already done a ton of research(so I thought), and through out a fishing post early on. Most people on here are more solitary minded, and that doesn't lend itself to a bunch of chatty Kathy about where we hunt. We share methods and gear tips that help all of us save money and time. All that banked time and money can be turned into your own field time. That makes a successful hunt even that much more rewarding.

    I thought I had done a lot of research, but I soon found out how much more information there was that I could get on my own. Spend hours on this forum, along with a map, and you will likely pick out the clues that you are looking for. Nothing gets you credibility better than some scouting picks that shows you are in the fight for real.

    I don't even tell my friends where I hunt anymore. I might give up the unit, but that is where it stops. Watching how guys like Bitterroot Bulls conduct themselves on this forum has taught me that some info a guy just needs to get on their own.

    Now get after it, and good luck!!

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