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That's awesome! I'm hoping to arrow my first archery deer this year as well! Congrats on the stalk though, thats awesome! Getting in shape is super in important just like the famous quote from Jeremiah Johnson, "cant cheat the mountain pilgrim" Lol Congrats on an exciting weekend
Good Luck bro!

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Sounds like you had a Great Time...... Very Nice....
I did...it was eye opening for sure

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Uh oh, sounds like your hooked! Good for you hope you stick a good one!
Beyond hooked lol!

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Awesome bro! Ya I would say you caught the bug.
Man, you have no idea...wifey just rolls her eyes at me now cause I won't shut up about the stalk.....she like next time trip over a boulder a spare me! lmao! cruel woman she is!

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The want to improve your stalking, glassing, and fitness will never die down. Glad you had a good time. Keep us updated!
lol, dude I'll pm you....I need pointers lol

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Thanks for sharing the excitement of your hunt. Gets the juices flowing. Nice job even getting into range. Next time, you'll get him!
Thanks bro

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Gotta love the excitement right there! You always have next time.
I'm planning on it....he's not the biggest....BUT HE'S MINE lol

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Want to trade places? You can sit in a combine and I'll go blow some stalks of it would make you feel better! Harvest can't come and go fast enough for me!I'm ready to start chasing critters around too!
Tempting....thinking about it....thinking....thinking.....thinking....are you still holding your breath? lol

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It's an awesome feeling for sure. I drew the trifecta this year! Antelope, Deer and Bull Elk. I got my antelope last week and heading out today to get my buddies cow tag filled then our deer tags. After that we come back for a week and head out for my bull tag........
Good luck bro