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    Youth camo......the shopping is harder than elk hunting

    So I am taking my boy on my archery elk hunt this year. I got lots of good ideas and help from you guys on this venture. Then the real fun shopping!
    between Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabela's, Joes, Big5, and about half a dozen other places, as well as online....i just about gave up trying to find clothing like my own that wasn't going to put me out a grand for a single hunt.
    I found the holy grail of companies, and they are located right here in Boise Idaho. Lucky Bums! They are a company dedicated to outfitting youth! Holy Jesus thank you and pass the biscuits!

    i ordered their soft shell Jacket, soft shell pants, and a 1/4 zip shirt for him. They delivered it to my door in less than 24 hours. I have already acquired base layers, regular pants, boots, and socks. This outer layer was my nemisis, but this stuff is awesome!!!!!

    by the way, sign up for their mailing list and you get an email with a coupon code for 35% off the first order to boot! I saved a ton of money here, and got exactly what I was looking for for his first year out!
    They don't have much for adults, but oh my do I wish they did.

    Hope this tid bit helps those like myself looking for good gear for your youth.

    Happy hunting everyone!
    I hunt because......

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    Thanks for the link wolftalonID.

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    Super cool company! I met them at shot show and really really nice folks! Contact me for used optic specials!



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