I do want to thank every one of you for your contributions and help; I understand the system much better than I did. I will save this thread for reference.

Concerning 2nd choices, I thought that paying the Special price, and having 1PP, we would draw 2nd choice before others with no PP or not Special price would even get their 1st choices.....but from the explanation above, that is not true. Understanding this will help us apply next year also.

We hunted 63 in 2011, paying Special with 1PP. All 3 got bucks, not large, but we had a great time on a first-time DIY antelope hunt. Hopefully we will return next year, applying with all this new info I learned. We will have 2PP. We are somewhat restricted on when we can hunt, I am a full time grain farmer, and must hunt units with early seasons....these mid Sept. opening dates are about all that will work, and we must hunt the first few days so I can get home for harvest.

Thanks again to everyone for their time. Good hunting!