Our non-resident party of three are so disappointed we did not get drawn for antelope in WY. Trying to figure out what went wrong so can do better next year....We studied Eastman's info and WY info on points needed, special draw, & made applications on March 11, Area 63....I believe the "tentative" quotas on website then was still 400 for 63-1 and 200 for 63-2. Now, I see that final was changed to 100 for 63-1 and 200 for 63-2.

Did the quota change in the 4 days left in application period, or is final quota changed at some date after application period closed? If the latter, how could we have got a "heads-up" that the tags would be reduced this drastically...I try to read the Eastman's info.

Thanks folks for any help...I want to be sure I take my son antelope hunting in 2014...we had a great hunt in Area 63 in 2011.