I don't get the earlier comments about not getting penetration and quoting ridiculous shallow penetration numbers. Almost seems like a joke because it's so far from the truth. At a minimum, if all variables are equal, they will penetrate just as good as any standard arrow. If those numbers are true, that guy has other issues going on that have nothing to do with deep six.

Anyway, I shoot VAP1 with a deep six inserts. I like the setup. Wasn't a fan of the outcerts, which is why I went to deep 6 inserts. This year I shot a deer at a lengthwise angle and had a clean pass through. Deer only went 15 yards. In doing side by side comparisons with my VAP1 w/deep 6 inserts and my prior Easton arrows, I got slightly deeper penetration on foam targets with VAP1. Was a difference of 2 inches. I actually expected and hoped for a bigger difference. Note, that's with everything staying the same, but the VAP1 arrows were 4gr lighter in total arrow weight.

Arrow flight was true and groups were a little tighter by a very small amount. The only downside I found of deep 6 was having to buy all new broad heads.