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    Quote Originally Posted by 87TT View Post
    "MREs are actually better." There's a phrase i never thought I'd ever hear.
    I've always liked them for the most part, but they've been getting better over the years.

    The Maple Pork Sausage and a few others are actually really good and I miss the Pork w/ Rice in BBQ Sauce, that stuff was awesome.

    There have always been a few exceptions nobody would eat, the one right now is the Mexican corn bread stuffing. We have a guy in my reserve unit who will eat just about anything -he's the type who will "rescue" thrown away food - and he tried it and wouldn't finish the stuff.
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    My meal packs worked great the past two weeks. I did get tired of the peanut butter and didn't care for the MH eggs. they tasted like a sponge. Next trip going to give the other brand a try. Liked the different flavor dry potatoes I carried in. All and all they worked out pretty good. Oh the dried milk wasn't the best any suggestions?



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